About Us

Carla was established in 2002 using brand name Carla Boutique, with the first store being in Jalan Jamika No. 41a Bandung West Java. In 2005 Carla Boutique transformed into Carla and opened the 2nd outlet. Now Carla have 4 store in Bandung, and Palembang. Carla is specially designed with a chic, elegant and simple style and also easy to wear for every teenage to adult. Carla's product are designed by Carla team for our special Indonesian Market. Carla prioritizes in high quality product with selected fabrics, strong detail, strict quality control and a service that puts front the Service Good Excellent, yet it is all offered in a very competitive sale price. Carla's Target Market are woman from 16 to 40 who has good taste of style, and they need to trust a brand that give them quality, style and pride.

LEAF is brand in the field of women fashion retail that's specially designed for fashion lover within 30 - 60 years old. with products that look simple yet trendy, LEAF want to give younger, smarter, sophisticated active and dynamic impression for those wearing them. 1st store of LEAF opened at September 2003 and now we have outlet in Bandung, Jakarta, Palembang and Surabaya. Leaf prioritized in high quality product with selected fabrics, strong embroidery, strict quality control and a excellent service.

Carla Living is one of newest innovation from Tokarindo Citrainti. We take good place, nice atmosphere with many nature product from our partner. We served good quality coffee, many unique home decor and special stuff for our beloved customer. Carla Living give you comfy place for meeting, hangout or study. Carla Living Target Market are woman and men 16 - 50 who loved coffee, hangout and workshop place