How to Order

STEP : 1

First of all you need to select the item you want buy.

STEP : 2
And you will directly go to the item page. You have to pick a size and the quantity, then click "Add to cart".

STEP : 3
The information pop up will be shown. Select "Continue Shopping" if you still want to shop another item but if you want to go to your Cart select "Checkout".

STEP : 4
In the Cart page the item information will be shown.
  • You be able to update your quantity in quantity section
  • If you had a mistake with picking your item, you can remove it by clicking the garbage icon.
  • If you have a discount coupon, enter the code in coupon section to get the discount.
  • you still can continue to shop by select "continue to shop" or go to payment by select "Checkout".

STEP : 5
In order to go to the payment you have to login, but if didn't an account just select Register.
  • Note : go to Step 7 if you already have an account

STEP : 6
To Register an account, you have to fill the Register form.

STEP : 7
After you Login. The information of the payment will be shown including the shipping cost and the amount you have to pay.

Do not forget to check the the Terms and Policy. You still can enter Discount coupon if you have one, but if you don't select Place Order

You will receive an email of the order Confirmation.

STEP : 8
To Complete the payment. You Have to fill the Payment Confirmation form and attach the receipt to notice us.
  • Note : if you didn't transfer within 24 hours, your order will be  automatically cancelled 

Final Step
Congratulation. You already complete the order.

If you have question or having trouble ordering, you can ask here or tap the icon.      

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